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Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

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When a family decides to place their loved in a nursing home, it’s never an easy decision. Most place their family member in a nursing home because they entrust such homes to properly accommodate their loved one’s needs in manner beyond their own capacity. Though many nursing homes provide their patients loving care, others physically and mentally abuse their patients, leaving them with severe injuries and mental trauma.

Types of abuse

While some types of abuse are readily apparent, others may be more difficult to perceive. Common types of nursing home abuse include the following:

  • Physical abuse: some forms of physical abuse will be immediately apparent, but residents of nursing homes can also be subjected to other, more subtle forms of physical abuse like “use of unreasonable force”
  • Sexual abuse: we often expect victims of sexual abuse to be young, but elderly victims can also fall prey to sexual abuse. Perpetrators are often the victim’s caretakers, but other residents can also carry out abuse.
  • Negligence: negligence includes “any willful failure to provide adequate care” to patients. Even if a nursing home hasn’t directly caused harm to your loved one, this doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for failing to prevent their suffering.
  • Malnutrition/dehydration: nursing home staff members are entrusted to actively monitor their patients’ eating and drinking habits, so residents should never become malnourished or dehydrated
  • Falls: given the severe implications of a fall for the elderly, nursing home staff members should take adequate measures to prevent falls from occurring.

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