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Doing Our Part Can Prevent Bus Accidents

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Recently, two children were injured and a school bus driver reprimanded in Chicago after a bus accident caused by an illegal left turn. The driver of another vehicle was also injured. All in all, four vehicles were struck by the bus as the driver lost control following the initial collision. Fortunately, none of the injuries were serious. Paramedics treated all personnel on the scene before quickly taking them to a hospital, and all were released on the same day.

Though this could have been a much more serious accident, it seems that lethal school bus crashes are actually very uncommon. In 2015, the magazine the USA today released a report on the subject following a crash that killed two children in Houston. The magazine looked at data on all fatal motor vehicle accidents from the period of 2004-2013 and found that only .4% of them involved school transportation. And of those fatalities, only 8% involved people in the buses. The rest were either pedestrians or people in vehicles that were hit by the buses.

What could cause this large disparity in bus fatalities? At first, it might seem like bus accidents would be especially risky. First off, they’re large vehicles and may be difficult to maneuver easily. Second, they carry many people inside of them, meaning that a crash puts a larger amount of people in danger. Third, because buses are so large, they move with much more momentum in a crash. Also, because the people riding in school buses are typically small children, they are especially susceptible to injury in an accident.

But there are a few things that may offset these risks. The size of the buses, while initially seeming like a dangerous factor, may actually help protect the people inside. The additional mass of the bus can act as a sort of cushioning, shielding the people inside in the event of a crash. School bus drivers also have many more traffic safety regulations to be aware of when driving. They must stop at railroads, travel at reduced speeds in many areas, and often cars must stop for them when driving by. Even when not required to slow or stop, many drivers will probably be more cautious when around school buses. Nobody wants to be the one responsible for crashing into a bus full of children, after all.

But just because riding in a school bus is less risky than a regular car does not mean it’s entirely safe. Drivers can always make mistakes, no matter how cautious they’re being. Or, as this Chicago Law Firm says, defects with the vehicle may lead to an unavoidable accident. Make sure children always wear seat belts when riding on buses so they are as protected as possible. And if you’re driving, be sure to give school transportation space. Stop whenever a bus has its lights flashing. We all should be doing our part to promote public safety as much as possible.

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