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The Great Paris Debacle

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So, we were at the train station in Paris, France, trying to catch a train that would take us to Normandy for the day. We had seen Saving Private Ryan and are some pretty big war buffs, so this was something we had been looking forward to for quite some time, even though I know perfectly well that Spielberg filmed the movie on the beaches of Northern Ireland, not actually here because that would be impossible. I digress. Some of us were going on to Ireland afterward and were planning on taking the night time ferry over, while other members of our extended family were headed back to explore more of France. Speaking of the French, I don’t know why they get such a bad reputation for being snotty and rude. Everyone who we encountered on our trip seemed more than happy to help us with directions, or read a sign, anything really. I apologize. I digress again, but it is worth noting that the French are awesome.

Anyway, as what always happens when we’re going anywhere with various members of my family, we were late. Some of us were running to get train tickets, while others of us, with our heavy looking suitcases, ran to find the train. When we all finally found the train, it was starting to move. We all ran to the train. Dad got there first, picked up his mom’s suitcase, which always infuriates mom because she can handle her own suitcase by herself, and started walking up the stairs. Obviously, those of us without suitcases climbed the stairs much easier. Dad, on the other hand, dad was having a rather difficult time getting up the stairs. As he began to slide backward, he dropped both bags, which I caught and mom, because she did not want dad to fall on her, shoved him forwards. He caught his balance on the open passenger door.

However, a train worker person, without realizing that dad’s hand was there, slammed the door shut on both of dad’s hands. He screamed in pain, and swore, a lot, which, under the circumstances, is allowed. While the train worker was somewhat apologetic, she did break some of dad’s fingers and half blame him for having his fingers there in the first place. After we all got settled with our bags and everything in their place, and we got some ice for practically all of dad’s fingers, mom went off to find whoever was the most senior train official on the train, so that she might raise holy hell on them for both slamming dad’s fingers in the door, which could have been seen as an accident, but they didn’t have to be so very rude about it the whole thing. If the foreign legal system was anything like what our hometown in Pennsylvania, we could sue for the damages. In the end, four of dad’s fingers were broken: three on the right and one on the left. Unfortunately, his right hand is his dominant hand. Fortunately, because he’s such an old-school tough guy, he wrapped his fingers up with cloths and carried for the rest of the day’s activities. He did go to a minor emergency clinic when we got to the Emerald Isle.

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